3 Hour Open Sewing - Thursday 8/17, 5:30-8:30pm

$ 45.00

Owl & Drum's Open Sewing Class is for you to get whatever help you need with sewing! 

Want to take a particular class but cannot make it for the scheduled date? Stuck on a sewing project and need some assistance? Need help understanding the directions on a pattern, or just need help cutting it out? Or maybe you'd just like some time to focus on sewing without the distractions at home? You can come to Open Sewing with a project in mind, or we can help you choose one to help you build your sewing skills. Lots of fun projects available to choose from! Instructor Mary Perisho will assist you in reaching your sewing goals.  

Cost is $45 + materials. All materials purchased for class receive a 10% discount. 

Open Sewing is for teens & adults. Space is limited and reservations are necessary. 

A sewing machine and basic sewing supplies are required. If you do not have a sewing machine we have machines to rent for $5. Send us an email at owlanddrumclasses@gmail.com to reserve a machine for your class.

Questions? Email us at owlanddrumclasses@gmail.com, send us Facebook message, or call us at 918-742-1404.