Advanced Fashion Sewing Camp: Garment School Tuesday 8/1- Friday 8/4, 11am-5pm

$ 360.00

This Garment Sewing Camp is designed to give our *experienced sewing students* the introduction they need to start creating their own wardrobe. We will use the book, Ms. Figgy's Garment School for Girls, which contains step-by-step photos and instructions on sewing basics, sewing with different types of fabric, using patterns, sizing, and drafting your own pattern, to teach kids how to sew their own clothing. They'll learn which fabrics work best for which garments, and how to sew with both woven and knit fabrics. This camp will give our young sewists core knowledge to start creating the unique styles they want!

Projects will vary- for those who attended this camp last year, they will choose what they wish to make from Ms. Figgy's book, and continue to build their handmade wardrobe!  For first-timers, they will make 2 skirts and 2 tops to create 4 new outfits! 

$360 + materials. Materials can be paid for at the end of each day of camp. 

*Sewing experience is necessary for this camp. It is recommended for our students who have attended previous Owl & Drum Spring Break Camps,Summer Camps, After-School Program, or an equivalent number of individual classes. Ages 10 and up. If you are wondering whether your child is ready for this camp, please email Miss Mary at

11am- 5pm. Please bring a lunch and a covered beverage.

Space is limited and reservations are required.

Questions? Email us at, send us a Facebook message, or call 918-742-1404.

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