My Stuffies by Mary Make & Do Printed Sewing Pattern

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Introducing My Stuffies by Mary Make & Do, animal stuffies to sew and love!

Approximate size - 8-10" tall x 10-12" wide, 1-2" deep. Animals include: fox, cat, owl, raccoon, bear, and penguin.

Recommended for ages 6 and up. Parental guidance may be required.

This animal stuffie pattern is great for beginners and gives detailed instructions on how to make it, from start to finish.

Supplies for each stuffie:
Fabric for animal head - one fat quarter - 18" x 22" Wool felt for face details - one sheet, (for fox you will need a small piece of black felt, approx. 3x3")
One skein of coordinating embroidery floss Embroidery needle
Two buttons for the eyes

Additional supplies and materials: Polyester thread, polyfil, a wooden spoon or chopstick (or similar tools), scissors, glue stick, straight pins, seam ripper, a pin cushion to keep track of your needle, and a sewing machine (can be hand-sewn if needed).

Recommended fabrics:
For the animal stuffie head, use a medium to heavy weight fabric such as a quilting cotton, canvas, or twill. We recommend wool felt for the face details. However, an ecofelt can be used as well.

This is a printed pattern and will be mailed to you.