Fabric Friday - Daydream by Josephine Kimberling

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Blend Fabrics, a high-end textile design company based in Atlanta, features great designers who always have a fresh and on-trend approach - and Josephine Kimberling is just one of them! As a veteran in surface design, Josephine's style is all about vibrant color, a dash of vintage and a twist of whimsy.

Inspired by Asian designs and motifs, Josephine's new collection - titled Daydream - features origami animals, mountain landscapes and hot air balloons in blues, greens and grays. These new fabrics are sure to whisk you off in a dream-like state!

origami animals by josephine kimberling blend fabrics daydream

geo star green josephine kimberling blend fabrics daydream

mountain scape josephine kimberling blend fabrics daydream

glimmering stars josephine kimberling daydream blend fabrics

These 100% cotton fabrics are perfect for baby quilts and nurseries, especially for a young boy as suitable, cool fabrics can be harder to come by - so visit Owl & Drum and snag some while stocks last!

Also, from Blend Fabrics, we also recently began stocking Hill & Dale by Ana Davis. Hill & Dale is down home, fun collection of horses and farm animals. Check it out by clicking here!

Thanks for stopping by Sew Very Modern - and check out next week's Fabric Friday! 

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