Tuesday's Tip - How to Use Pins

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As a sewist, Inevitably, you will use pins when sewing or quilting, whether you like to or not. They can be very helpful when working with slick fabrics such as rayon and can help you stay on track when sewing a curve.

Have you ever wondered whether you are using your pins correctly? Believe it or not, but there is a right way to use them. First of all, when using a sewing machine, you will want to insert your pin horizontally and have the ball of the pin on the outside of your fabric, as pictured below.

how to use sewing pins tuesday's tip

It is in your best interest to remove your pins before sewing over them. So, having the ball of the pin on the right makes it so much easier to remove them as you are sewing.

If you are using a serger, your pins will lay vertically, at least a quarter inch outside of your seam allowance. While you are feeding your fabric through, you will not have to remove them and you will avoid the pins hitting the blade that is to your right.

using sewing pins tuesdays tip

Other tips to consider: Throw out any bent pins you may have in your pincushion. Use glass head pins if you can. This way, you avoid melting the ball of the pin when you need to iron. Lastly, keep your pins sharp by using a pincushion filled with walnut shells or emery sand.

I hope you have enjoyed this week's helpful hint. Stay tuned for more sewing and quilting advice from Sew Very Modern - an Owl & Drum blog!

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