Tuesday's Tip - Trace Your Pattern

Posted by Bianca Howell on

Happy 4th of July and welcome to Tuesday's Tip! Today we want to tell you how useful it can be to trace your sewing patterns before cutting them.

Tracing your pattern will keep your pattern intact and allow you to use it for other sizes. This is especially useful when working with children's patterns. As your child grows, you can easily trace the next size up to create that loved garment again.

Pattern tracing is also great whenever you want to make adjustments to your pattern. Want to elongate or shorten? That's easy! Just mark the new markings on the tracing paper.

To trace, we like to use Pellon's Red Dot tracing paper. One advantage to the Red Dot tracing paper is that each dot is symmetrically one-inch apart. So, it makes it easy to follow a straight line, especially if you need to adjust or create your own your own pattern. Another advantage is that it feels like fabric and will last a lot longer. Plus, it doesn't slide around like paper so it helps you cut more accurately. We highly recommend it!

Pellon's Red Dot tracing paper


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