Tuesday's Tip - Beginning Quilting Basics

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As a quilt shop owner, I meet many customers who say they have a dream to one day make a quilt. Well, it's a dream that can become reality - and I tell them that! As a quilter myself, I know that making a basic quilt is definitely achievable. Some students need a class to get them started, while others can pick it up by simply reading a pattern, book or tutorial.  

For all of you self-learners, I highly recommend Lucky Spools' Quilt Making Basics PDF. This 8-page tutorial is jam-packed with easy-to-read tips and instructions for making a quilt from start to finish. Plus, its all free! Click here to download your copy.

Perhaps, you may feel a quilting class is the best way to get started. The easiest way to find a quilt class in your city is to do a Google search for "quilt classes" or, to be more exact, "modern quilt class." If you happen to live in Tulsa, you are in luck! Ann Olson of Ann's Quilt n' Stuff will be at Owl & Drum in November to teach students how to make our Modern Starter Quilt. If interested, click here to sign up and get more details.

Whether you get to take a class or decide to teach yourself, I suggest adding quilting to your hobby list. It's very satisfying, tactile, therapeutic and rewarding! Not to mention, you will have an awesome quilt when you are all finished. So, get out there and give it a shot - you'll love it!

Thanks for reading Owl & Drum's latest blog. We appreciate your interest and support - and love of all things crafty! Until the next time . . . happy sewing! 

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  • Interested in beginning quilting. Plus I have a sewing machine that I cannot figure out/I cannot get the bobbin to work. It just spits out a glob of thread. I sew at the novice level.

    Angela on

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