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In this day and age of modern clothing fabrics, for some of us the only time we use an iron is when we are quilting or sewing. As a shop owner, I cannot tell you now many times I have heard new sewists say, "I don't even own an iron!" Now, of course, they do - as it's often crucial to beginning and completing a project. So, with that in mind, it's time for a mini-lesson on how to clean your iron.

One of the best home remedies involves items you already have - baking soda and water!

Mix together 1 tablespoon and 2 tablespoons of baking soda to form a paste. (If you have filtered or distilled water, that works best.) Apply the paste to the areas that need the cleaning. I usually use my fingers, but you may want to use a spatula to spread the paste. If you have a lot of build up, leave the paste on the iron for a few minutes.

To remove the paste, use a clean, wet cloth. Make sure you wring out the water before you start to clean off the iron plate. Once you have removed all of the paste, your iron is clean and ready to use!

Here's another tip . . . for dealing with those glue stains caused by fusible interfacing - use a bit of nail polish remover on a cotton ball, which should wipe the glue off just like that!

I hope you found this Tuesday's Tip useful and maybe, just maybe, it might even encourage you to clean your trusty ol' iron. As with all equipment and sewing tools, a little TLC goes a long way - and helps make our projects run smoother on the road to sewing success!

Thanks for reading and please check back next week for another Tuesday's Tip from Owl & Drum. Until then, happy sewing!

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  • You are welcome and we are thrilled you found these tips useful. – Bianca

    Owl & Drum on
  • Thank you for the cleaning tips. For sure – I need to clean my iron!

    Robin Jones on

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